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Nate Bjork

Nate Bjork - www.natebjorktattoo.com - Electric Tattoo Parlor
Horror and the occult dominate his portfolio, and his penchant for realism is obvious. Having studied under two-time Ink Master finalist Cleen Rock One, artist Nate Bjork has been tattooing since 2008. His raw talent and intense commitment allowed his career to ramp up quickly. Nate’s award-winning color and black & grey tattoos have been published in both tattoo and horror magazines and featured at multiple conventions. As a frequent convention guest judge , Nate is revered for his honest and valuable feedback.
Nate began oil painting in 2010 providing another medium for clamoring fans to obsess over his art. In 2017, Nate was honored to be able to lend his artistic skills to movie High on the Hog, a grindhouse crime thriller starring horror icon Sid Haig. Exclusive art prints signed by Sid and Nate featuring a scene from the movie were sold as part of the movie’s merch offering.