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Merv Heiner

Merv Heiner Black Lotus Tattoos

My name is Merv Heiner and I work at Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery in Hanover, MD.  I have my BFA in Media Arts and Animation, and have been tattooing for about nine years.  My work is heavily influenced by comic books and video games, and it comes through in the way I draw and tattoo my favorite things, which are pinups and wildlife. 

I work with the greatest bunch of artists I could ever ask for, who influence me everyday and push me to be a better artist and a better person.  In our mission statement, we strive to make ourselves better for our clients and make them feel like they are always welcome and almost like family.  I have the greatest job in the world with the greatest people in the world and the best clients I could ask for, who allow me to continue to grow and  do what I love.