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Lydia Bruno

Lydia Bruno Black Lotus Tattoos Inkmaster
     My name is Lydia Bruno, I have been in the tattoo industry for 15 years. I fell into this industry by pure coincidence. An artist from birth, I always turned to my creativity as an outlet, be it by words or images. Because it was such a prevalent part of my existence, it never occurred to me to pursue it as a career, as I felt money and structure would lessen its “magic."
     Theoretical Astro Physics was always my first love, but because of the massive amount of schooling needed to earn a degree, my lack of funds landed me at a community college where I instead pursued a career in Psychology, also a huge passion of mine. As I went through my curriculum, I was offered a job at a psychiatric hospital and accepted. I trained to be a mental health worker, where I gave people mental, emotional, and physical help for 3 years. I found that in this extraordinarily structured and strict environment, I was not legally able to openly speak with patients in ways that I felt would best help them. At the same time I was offered a tattoo apprenticeship by a friend of a friend who watched me draw on a napkin one drunken night at a bar. Taking a blind leap of faith, I decided to take a shot at what felt more like home, and I left the career as an MHW to pursue tattooing.
     The rest is history. I now get the best of both worlds. I get to adorn my clients with art from my soul, and if the opportunity presents itself, I can help them through their troubles in life, with unobstructed words from my heart. As my career progressed, I bounced around multiple shops and areas, trying to find a place that felt like home. I finally landed at Black Lotus. I met Halo as a fellow contestant on Season 4 of Inkmaster. We became fast, tight friends and he was the reason I decided to come to the shop. After guest spotting a few times I knew it was where I belonged, and still am. I couldn't ask for more. Black Lotus is my home.