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Joe Matisa


     I grew up in the tattoo business with my father. I started an apprenticeship at 13 and took over my dad’s previous studio in Trenton, NJ in 2007 at 17 years old. I worked nonstop at Kiss of Ink Tattoo to bring up the business and eventually opened Ink Junction in Flemington, NJ with my business partner, Kenny Kincaid.

     After years of heavy traveling, competing and working as a strictly walk in artist, I began winning awards, being published, and was recognized enough to compete on TV on Best Ink, Season 3. I also did some other minor TV spots in an interview with reporter Nancy Grace and doing suspension on Tru TV as well.

     My main focus however has always been to work on the studios and evolving my style. I am now known a lot for cover-ups, illustrative, and portrait tattoos! Flexible in any style and loves all types of work.

     Joe can be found, most often, working out of the Kiss of Ink in Trenton, Nj. To book your appointment with Joe call (609) 393-5000 or click the mail logo below.