Welcome to Dab Tattoo Cream

Inky McStapleface

My name is Inky McStapleface. (There’s a fun story behind that but we’ll save that for another time) Ever since I could hold a pencil I’ve drawn on anything and everything. Paper, walls, myself, siblings. With art being the only thing that I ever felt I was good at, and tattoos being the first thing that helped me feel like me, it was a natural progression to an apprenticeship.
I’ve been tattooing since 2005 and have loved everyday since. Mostly I enjoy a bold, cartoony, new school style with a splash of cute kawaii and a dose of creepy. I love bright colors, kitties, and cupcakes just as much as I love spooky monsters, skulls, zombies and horror. I tend to float somewhere in between Rainbow Brite and Morticia Addams. I’ve never been much for realism. I admire the work of those who do it, but I’ve always preferred to live in a world of imagination.
I am so thankful for everyone I’ve encountered in my career. Through these people, the little creatures and ideas that used to only live in my head have a chance to become a reality and literally be in the flesh.