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Halo Damien Grey Jankowski Black Lotus Tattoo Inkmaster
     Halo Grey is a tattoo artist and a painter and has been tattooing for about eleven years after a year-long apprenticeship. He owns a tattoo studio and art gallery called Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery in Hanover, Maryland. Halo has dabbled in many mediums including airbrush, digital oil, tattooing and colored pencils. Most of his artistic inspiration has been passed down from his mother.
     Halo works primarily in the portrait style area of tattooing. He is quick to point out, however, that he can still make any of your wildest tattoo dreams come true. He loves to do freehand style tattoos, just taking markers and drawing you a one-of-a-kind custom piece directly on your skin before taking the needle to it. He also does custom auto airbrushing.          Halo is an outstanding model for anyone looking for a turn your life around for the better approach. Halo beat the hell out of Cancer just shy of five years ago and was also a Season-IV Contestant of INK MASTER on Spike TV! You can see Halo’s work and travel dates at www.tattoosbyhalo.com