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Doug Hand

     Doug began his career in the tattoo world in the year 2000 A.D., cutting his teeth in at a shop in NY by piercing, however, because of his ADHD, shortly added scarification and implants to his repertoire.
     After being influenced by the artists around him, Doug began to draw and paint. Once the other artists began to show an interest in what he was creating, they took him on as an apprentice and he began his life as a professional tattoo artist.
     Doug lives and works in Philadelphia, with his home base being Northern Liberties Tattoo Studio. Doug prefers to work in an illustrative neotraditional style, though he aims to be as well rounded as possible for whatever crosses his path.
     To book an appointment with Doug, simply call Northern Liberties Tattoo studio at (267) 639-6019 or click any of the links below to reach him.