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Ashley Velazquez

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     My name is Ashley Velazquez and I’m from New Haven CT. Ive been tattooing for 6 years now. I have always studied art in school up until college as a fine arts major. College for me lasted all of three and a half years when i decided to drop out with one semiater left in order to pursue a full time career as a tattoo artist. I began as just  a girl hanging out at the tattoo shop drawing the tattoos for the artist’s customers to just after weeks of being there doing my first one.

     I picked up the craft very quickly and it didn’t take long before i became the most requested in the shop.A huge milestone in my career has been being chosen back in 2016 for Season 7: Revenge on Spike tv’s Ink Master. The experience of being on the show has been amazing and even a year later it still effects me on a daily basis. The show has giving me another level of exposure that I’m very thankful for because I’ve been noticed outside of Connecticut.

     Im continuing to grow my cliental all over the country and have the drive and passion to expand as much as possible as i book myself conventions around the world. I currently work at Forever Custom Tattoos 115Middle Street Bridgeport Connecticut. The shop number is 203-FOREVER 203-367-3837