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Adam Ryan

Adam Ryan Ascendancy Ink Tattoo
     Adam started tattooing in 2006 with anything but a formal apprenticeship. It was more like a “sink or swim” apprenticeship not being taught really anything at all. He left shortly into it and struggled to find a place to call home bouncing from shop to shop. Most of them weren’t what you would consider very reputable. He learned little tricks here and there but still struggled to gain any real helpful knowledge to help him develop his skill set.
     Despite the odds he stayed driven always pushing himself to go harder and take on crazier pieces. Always keeping the mentality, if it doesn’t scare you it isn’t big enough, “One day I’ll be a monster!”, that’s what he still tells himself to this day. Always comparing himself to the titans of the industry that he looks up to, is one way he keeps excelling in every single tattoo that he does.
     Adam is a jack of all trades. He is extremely versatile in almost every tattoo style. Specializing in realism, portraits, new school, morphs, wildlife, bio mech/organic, ornamental, and many other styles. There’s no challenge too big for this guy because he stays hungry!
     Adam opened up his own studio,  Ascendancy Ink Tattoo in Wisconsin Rapids, in 2015 with hardly anything to his name and has since then been building his empire! He has finally been able to hit the road doing conventions and he doesn’t plan on stopping. Everything that he does has his own unique touch as he is leaving his mark in the tattoo industry.